The Brother

This summer I moved about 5 hours east to a small town well away from where my family lives. My brother came out to visit for the weekend.


Being a smart man he brought me clay from the latest Michael’s sale. I remember the days when 5lbs of clay was a lot. But now it’s just a nice top up on my box.

The boyfriend and my brother, being men, decided they would get sledgehammers and pry bars and go help demolish the inside of a condemned house. The house was bulldozed today but the guys wanted to see if they could find any interesting oddities inside and there were all sorts of papers and boxes used in the walls that were from the 40s, 50s, 60s.

Video Game Geeks

Of course, part of the reason they get along – or we all do – is the video game hobby thing. Much of the weekend was spent eating yummy treats, playing games, relaxing and just goofing off.

Heading Home