Weekend Snapshots

We just finished up a long weekend with, oddly, nothing much planned. There was visiting done, snacks eaten, puttering around, video games played, beads made (they’re tumbling), a little work done, peas shelled, flowers photographed, swimming and some decluttering. Which sounds like a lot but really it was all little snapshots.

Heading Out... not in Blank Slate
Jump Ups Give Peas a Chance

The computers are all older systems that were cluttering space and have gone on to a new, more appreciative home. The remaining herd of them are laptops which store. Most people say, oh, we have 2 or 3 computers. Our household? Easily a dozen, down from two dozen. And yes, most work.

That big open space had a large pool table in it until a few hours ago. It was an odd arrangement and we finally folded it up and took it downstairs to the game room. The boyfriend had been nervous that it would not fit down the staircase. It did fit and is now in a happier place with the other games.

The final two are snapshots of those summer essentials. Some Johnny Jump Ups from a friends garden and many bowls of shelled peas from the vegetable portion of the same.

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