YART Sale!

It’s a sort of unfortunate name but it’s fun 😉 The YART sale is the Etsy Supply Street Team’s Yard + Art Sale, a huge event not limited to only supply sellers. And, of course, since I’m a good lemming I hopped in.

I’m offering Free Shipping in my two Etsy shops (I would on ArtFire except there’s no way to batch edit it or to add sales discounts in batches. Nonetheless if you buy there, I’m happy to refund the shipping!). The special will run until the 17th for me, then I close for a week or so while I move.

Some of the goodies in my Bead Shop:

yart sale bead ad

Some of the nifty cool things in my cane shop:

etsy yart sale cane ad

Don’t forget there are a LOT of sellers doing this on Etsy. A good way to start looking is to enter your usual search terms + Yart. So, for example, search for: polymer clay beads yart and find some clay loveliness!