The Shop: Flowers & Frogs

My main focus is elsewhere this month, working on the details and stock for my big show but there’s always good stuff in my Etsy and Artfire shops!

The newest little addition in my Claychicks shop is a frog cane. I love him in all his chubby green-ness.

etsy clay canes

In the bead shop, some of the items I had marked ‘made to order’ are now actually in stock (go figure) until I pull them to use them myself. That’s one of the problems with making beads I like… they get used. I remain my own biggest customer. At least I don’t bake, I guess.

etsy polymer clay beads

I’m updating my ArtFire shop to reflect these new items as well and ArtFire offers the advantage of no sign up needed shopping so if you’d prefer that head on over there.


  1. Illaya Brown says:

    Your new frog cane knocks my socks off. I sure hope you still have some when my piggy bank gets full. Your cane are getting better and better. The Ribbon flower is also outstanding.

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