Clay and Walking

This weekend was sweetly productive. Saturday and Sunday morning after The Regular Errands were spent cranking out little clay goodies like these cell phone charms.

Things in Progress

And this bowl that I started after I stalled making some beads.

A Bowl

Sunday afternoon was an interlude outside doing our third Walk for the Kids Help Phone. From the chaos of registration to the start line and, of course, the yearly tshirt model:

This years shirt model

A surprise bonus was the not bad shot of me! I’m one of the many who prefer to be on the other side of the camera to an almost phobic extent.


Satori Life, a local indie pop rock band played the fundraiser. They were pretty darned good! Except I now have the tune of theirs – that you can listen to on their site – that played endlessly on the radio last year STUCK IN MY HEAD.

4 Responses

  1. Nice blog you have here! 🙂 Keep up the good work. It was also nice to see your polymer clay cellphone charms, very pretty. /

  2. The kiddo looks thrilled 🙂 I cant believe shes so grown up..when did THAT happen?!?

  3. Thanks Zarah! I went and visited your site and wow, Oslo! That’s a big move!

    And Caro… that tshirt she is showing off? It is an adults size. So I’m not sure when it all happened but my lil girl! ahhhhh