Week in a Blur

I’m sure most of us experience this – the weeks are going by in little blurs as I move towards my big show in May and my move in June. Individual days seem to be as long as ever but the weeks speed by. There’s a saying I heard elsewhere (The Happiness Project, an excellent blog) that goes: The days are long but the years are short.

On my work bench

I’ve been working on pieces for both the upcoming shows and for my shops. Some of these will be tile beads for bracelets I make and perhaps a set or two to sell. Most of the hearts will end up as pendants on ribbons and black cord at my shows. They are shiny, sweet, examples of clay

And yes, the table cloth on my work bench is horrifyingly red vinyl. It’s useful though. Everything I make stands out from it, glaringly.

Go Away Mom

My daughter now looks at me suspiciously when I wander around with my camera in hand. For good reason, I guess.

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