A Week Into Spring

Up here, in Canada, we’re not known for the kind weather. Spring is rarely here by the calendar date and we always get soggy snow well into April or May. It’s just part of the appeal.

Proto Tulips

My corner neighbour has a little border around her house which is on the way to the bus stop. Chloe and I watch that strip of garden for signs of spring and fall every year. We took friendly wagers as to which week the first tulips would break through and I win: spotted this one today! Chloe, wagered on the week after next.

Perhaps it’s because it’s spring and maybe it’s due to having pretty much the best week ever in my bead shop but I’m going to take the leap and extend my ‘made to order’ status to my Etsy and Artfire shops beginning next week.

Spring Flowers Turquoise Swirl heart

In addition to that, I’m going to reorganize by colour in the bead shops since I seem to get customers buying several shapes in one colour way at a time. This would make it easier to shop that way.

Painting Goofing Off Faux Oak! Ceiling the Room

Far away from here – well about 300 miles – a nice guy is working on my studio space. It’s coming along just lovely. There is a neat faux oak floor, some bright aqua walls and crisp white panels and little pot lights already. I’ll blog about it a bit more, closer to the move in date, so I can string it together into a more coherent narrative.

Tomorrow from 6 to 10pm the Market Collective is holding a craft fair as a part of a larger fundraiser for Doctors without Border’s efforts in Sudan. I’ll be there as will at least one other of my Etsy Alberta teamies: CheekyNado