Playing with Shells

I live in Calgary which is just about as landlocked as you can get. Seriously. Very far from the ocean. I have happy childhood memories of the summers I spent on the east coast and of the shells I collected. For my summer pieces I decided on some sea inspired charms and cane designs. The second of these is a Nautilus shell design (the first was a sea turtle cane):

Shell cane

Since it’s a cane that’s new to me I’m still tweaking it with the clay blends I have on hand but I’m pretty happy with it. Slices off the first made some cute beads and the next two canes are ‘regular’ canes with sparkly bits in them. Yes, I know they don’t come in glittery blue in real life.

Weirder Shell Canes Shell Bead Set

Chloe,  my daughter, has asked for pearl oyster shells for the next installment. Terry would like a starfish. I’d like a seahorse and some fish.

6 Responses

  1. Wow that is amazing! You did a fabulous job. Makes me miss the ocean. I used to live on the coast but now am as landlocked as you are.

  2. I’m pretty sure they do have those blue sparkly shells in Atlantis! The Little Mermaid could find some for you if you don’t believe me. 🙂

    Love the sandy colored shell. Very beautiful! The shading on it is wonderful!

  3. Your photography is so clear and clean and precise. Your artwork is exquisite, and I really appreciate the photos you show to accompany what you’re creating. Way to go, and thanks a bunch for sharing your dream.

  4. Your Nautilus Shell is absolutely stunning! Your use of colors and texture is quite remarkable. Thank you for your creations.