Chaos and Everything Before

The last we heard from me I was taking a few days off, visiting the town I’m moving to in the summer. I spent my weekend there eating. No joke, everyone kept feeding me. I had two birthday cakes:

Birthday Cakes! Slice of Cake

The first were part of a care package from the very charming Schimmel’s Dutch Bakery and the second is a slice from the beauty made for me by Cindy of CindyCreativeCrochet.

I got to see how my future studio and office space is coming along. The subflooring just got finished. Next is either the laminate or paint. I got to visit with the house cat Sam who is my daughter’s sole reason for willingly agreeing to move. Then we came back to town.

Tacked to my apartment door was the notice that they were going to be doing major and extensive work on the apartment and that everything had to be boxed, cleaned and moved. By the next morning. Yikes!

Somehow we got that finished up and I tackled an order that was pending for Rycrafty:

Flame beads

I expect it’ll be a few days yet before I’m all recovered!

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