The Sort of Post I like to Make

I still have to sift through all the entries from my giveaway – more than 60! – to collect all the advice and see what I can do with it. Last time I was given some fabulous ideas and suggestions and I implemented them and had my best fall season yet.

The random number picker however gave me a number and I scrolled down to find that it was Hazel who won!

Hazel made a good suggestion about my photos – using a more contrasting background – and it’s true, too. I’ve begun trying it for some of my beads but I will have to give it a shot with some of the canes as well.

And I won a weekly giveaway on Art Bead Scene’s blog! These guys give away something *each week* – one of the editors gives away an art bead each time. How incredibly cool! The format is to read the Saturday Studio post and answer the writer’s question. The post for this week is right here so make sure and give it a shot.