Motivate Me!

I’m just like a lot other people. Sometimes the motivation to reach big goals goes right out the window. Last year, as I was putting my online craft selling self together, I stumbled across Thing-A-Day. The premise is to make something every day for the month of February. I did it last year, more or less, and signed back up this year! You can see what I did in Feburary of 2008 by looking at my entries on TAD from then.


The picture has nothing to do with the post, really, except that it’s one of the things I made this week. A customer asked for a cane of her graphic which was a simple triskellian. I quite like it.

Anyways, if you need a kickstart to meet your productivity goals come join us on Thing-A-Day 2009! It’s a good way to start a new and positive habit.