Winter 2009 Giveaway

Bloggy Giveaways is doing it again – it’s regular, it’s quarterly, it’s fabulous – so I am too. Pretty much the same terms as last time, too! I’ll just format it better this time.

The Giveaway:

To Enter:

  • Take a look at my shops: my Etsy bead shop, my Etsy clay cane shop, my ArtFire shop or my web shop
  • Then come back here and leave me a piece of constructive advice (or even just a comment). Last time I got such good advice, it was incredibly helpful!
  • Some ideas are: colour or subject suggestions for my beads or canes, finished jewelry ideas, photography hints, spelling errors, basically anything to let me know  you had a look! If you have questions about my work feel free to email me, I am always happy to spread the polymer clay love.
  • You do not need to leave your email in the comment. When you fill the form part in, your email is required but will remain private.

To Win:

  • After 6pm my time on Friday (that’s 8pm EST) January 30, I’ll pick a random number. The person with the corresponding comment will get an email from me.
  • If I don’t get a reply by Monday, I’ll redraw.

How to Have Even More Fun:

  • Check out the insane amount of free, cool stuff being offered during the carnival by visiting the carnival often.

Good luck and thanks ahead of time for your help in making this work!

62 Responses

  1. I’m really terrible with giving feedback, but I guess I would say to add some brighter colors to your etsy bead shop. Everything is so beautiful!

  2. I totally love your canes. I’ve bought from you before and I especially loved the mystery box. What a great assortment! I would really love it it you would sell slices. That way I could buy a bigger assortment. 🙂


  3. Black and White Flower Polymer Clay Canes E154 is my favorite, I would love it if you sold them sliced though, because I imagine you could get more variety that way in a grab bag of some sort. I would be more likely to buy say 20 slices than an entire cane.

  4. I love your blue-green swirl lentils or your daisy cane beads. They remind me of my little girl, who went to heaven last year.

    I like your earrings too but I cannot wear pierced earrings anymore. How about having clip-ons?

  5. I love your photography! A couple things I would change though – on your web shop, have an option to view all instead of having to click through 14 pages. Also, combine into less sites lol! 🙂

  6. I enjoyed your site. I like the way you have coordinated your beads and the background they are laying on. Good Job!