I recently changed my web shop’s categories to allow shopping by colour which is pretty cool to me. I then had a small brain wave. Why not organize my pieces like that OFFLINE? I mean, they all lived in boxes before hand but it was somewhat haphazard and I waffled continually about what would go where.

Now, the boxes are arranged by my colour codes: top left is the yellow & orange and red & pink, below it are the blue & green and purple, to the right are the black & white and brown & neutral (plus cane components that usually live elsewhere).

My Boxes

The box with the bags in it is where my unlisted beads go and the bags are labeled the same as the canes: blue & green, purple, yellow & orange, pink & red, black & white and brown & neutral. So much simpler.

One Response

  1. Hello,

    I’m Portugese polymer clay artist!! and I just found your work in the net by chance. I find it wonderful and want to congratulate you for it.
    If you have some time , please came to my blog and see what I do. You will be mote than welcome.
    See you soon.