That’s a Lot of Canes

I sell a cane sampler of pieces on my various venues (here at Etsy or here at Artfire or here in my shop) and today I updated the photo for it because the canes in my collection have changed. My goal is to update the photo seasonally.

Updated Group Shot

Wow, that’s quite the stack of canes! There are others in my boxes but these are the ones made and used for sale. Their friends (2-20 of each lol) are tucked in several multi sectioned plano tackle boxes.

One comment

  1. Illaya Brown says:

    Boy howdy!! would I ever love to run amuck thru your boxes.

    The picture is just so yummy. You know I adore your cane work.

    Love & Light, Illaya Say HI to Chloe for me.

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