The Shop: ArtFire Edition

After all the chatting about ArtFire on the handmade crafty folk ‘net lately I decided to bite the bullet and give it a try. I bought the verified account – which is about the price of 35 Etsy listings, around my regular ‘listing’ budget for my Etsy shops in a month – which has no Final Value Fees. In other words… you get best value if you load it to the gills!

The goal is to stick 50 items in there. I’m almost there! Here’s a sampling:

Perhaps the best value of the ArtFire account is that it has in-house stats for paid accounts and access to Google Analytics stats as well.

Etsy has recently added Analytics for it’s account holders as well but it isn’t performing correctly yet, returning results that are not correct as well as hiding proper referring data. Here’s a hope they’ll step up to the plate and correct that.