Snow Angels

I live in this arid, high altitude area at the base of the Rockies. Winters get very, very cold sometimes but we usually get a thaw every week or two as warm air comes off the west coast through the mountains. It’s neat.

This winter we didn’t really get one warm enough to melt the snow until this weekend. So there’s this huge accumulation of snow. My kiddo thinks this is just about the most awesome thing ever – particularly when it’s warm enough to pull on the suit and head out into it.

The Snow Kid

She tells me that the tunnels are all parts of her snow castle. I think it’s creative. And it’s not like here there are sandy beaches to do this without the 3 layers of fleece and thinsulate.

Shipping Boxes Trimmed

I have this issue. I ordered shipping boxes before I found out that my charges were lower if I used skinny (5/8″  or less) boxes to mail stuff in. Which means, for now, I trim the top half of my boxes off before using them. My friend, helpful guy that he is, hacked off the tops of a good stack of them for me and then arranged the little rings of cardboard into woven shapes. I call it creativity. He called it boredom.

Cane Making

And he also whipped up scads of skinner blends for me again – he likes playing with the pasta machine and motor I think – so I got busy with the cane making. I made lots of my usual roses and then start mixing and matching clay segments to make some two or three toned daisies with fancy centers. Along with that there are some ‘ghost’ canes – a few spirals, a daisy, a dot cane. The dot cane is similar to one that Marla Frankenberg wrote about in 2008 issue of Polymer Cafe.

This week, I’ll get some beads made using this stuff!