The Chance to Make Stuff

The benefit of selling at craft shows, for me, has been the chance to not have to focus on beads or canes as I usually do for online sales. Not that I don’t LOVE beads and canes and they ship so nicely but sometimes I like to use them..

Of course my first couple of pictures ARE beads:

Delft Blue Lentils purple polymer clay lentils

Then a tealight holder that is similar to my mini bowls:

Tealight Holders Little Bowls

And a few new ornaments:

Delft Flower Ornaments Poinsettias on Glass

I have a stack of vessels (literally) waiting to be sanded and buffed including a new bowl with the Delft patterns I’ve been enjoying the last few weeks. I’ve promised myself that I get to go stroll the two huge shows the next few days if I make a dent in it today.

The Festival of Crafts(at the Roundup Centre) and Art Market Art & Craft Sale(at the Telus Convention Centre) are both running in Calgary from Thursday to Sunday. I have several vendors at each show that I’d love to go see and meet. Wanda Shum, in particular, is a polymer clay and millefiori artist who I’d like to meet and she has a booth at the Art Market show.

Some of the show strolling is also going to be research. I’d like to do one of the very big shows next year but need to do my research!

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  1. Well… boo! I booked all my shows ages back and I hadn’t seen a mention of the one in Kensington. Will have to keep an eye open for that.