Year of Clay – Little of this, little of that

As I was cranking through a bead order I made little dimensional roses from the scraps. The cane decorated size of the sheet is on the inside of the rose for little faux fabric roses. The individual beads are small – about 3/8″.

Scrap Roses

Then, because I distract like nothing else sometimes, I got making canes. One of them was to match the order I was working on (so, you know, vaguely related). The other was a cane on my To Do List – a sea turtle.

Turtle and Rose

This post marks my 55th Year of Clay post. It took me about 18 months to actually do a year of posts but I had taken six months off in the middle of that. I’ve now been back on the wagon pretty regularly so I am going to discontinue the series and keep all my show and tell / in the studio posts in that category. Hopefully it won’t make me save up things for only once a week showings!