Year of Clay – Infinite Ideas

One of the upsides of even the slowest of shows is you meet the very best people. Mid-April I had the luck of a show that got snowed out. Very few of the vendors appeared to set up and even fewer customers! So as happens at slow shows, the vendors sort of chatted and hung out. As I tend to do, I went and got the jewelrymakers to come take a peek at my beads.

One of those vendors was Nadine of Miyaw Designs. She was interested in some of the simple logo beads I had and asked if I’d be able to do something with a symbol they use (mother-daughter team) often in their work. So I agreed to give it a whirl, and here’s the prototype:

infinity cane

The infinity symbol is used as one of the symbols or logos of the Metis nation, most often on a background of navy or red. Armed with that I tried it in navy, making the rectangle first then making a segment of that into a round cane. Next, I’m working with some embellishment ideas to make more ‘interesting’ slice beads. Here’s one:

infinity cane idea

One Response

  1. Hi,
    I think I found your site via Cindy Lietz. I have really enjoyed my visit. My current crafting obsession is polymer clay. Your canes are beautiful. Next time I make it to the craft store I may have to get some better clay for making canes and give it another try using your tutorials. (I mostly have sculpey, which I read is a bit soft for canes, and would hep explain my poor results.)
    I really dig the infinity design at the bottom.