Year of Clay – Little Bowls Spring 2008 Edition

The closest to spring I am getting this weekend are the little bowls I made to prepare for the craft show that got snowed out.

polymer clay bowls

These little guys are pretty much my favourite non bead items to make – enough space for a good selection of cane slices but not enough that I am cursing every slice by the end of it. Likewise for finishing – big enough to hold to sand, small enough that it’s only a few minutes a grit.

At the show yesterday one of the brave souls who ventured in picked one up, told me it was lovely. I thanked her and she asked well, what do you DO with them?

I guess that’s a good question 🙂 They’re only about 2″ across. I use mine for holding rings and change on my night table. A friend uses hers for the dry spices at her raclettes and fondues.

6 Responses

  1. Lovely little bowls. I was wondering, I’ve heard that you shouldn’t put any form of food in polymer clay bowls. Do you agree?

  2. These bowls are a polymer clay veneer over glass. So the inside would be fine (to me) for use with dried or wrapped type food.

    Direct contact with polymer clay I would probably have an issue with as it isn’t a food grade plastic – you can’t clean it very effectively (it would damage the finish) and utensils would score the material and leave nooks and crannies for bacteria. But I have serving ware and showy bowls where the clay is on the other side of the glass or on the handles and as long as I clean it gently I don’t have an any qualms!

    I don’t think so much that its toxic, just that its not formulated with the idea of being used for food.

  3. Beautiful! I make polymer clay bowls, but mine aren’t as intricate or beautiful. I use them for beads in my craft room , etc.

  4. I love these! I guess I better learn to cane. Mine hold beads and do dads in my craft room.

  5. Hey Debi! Since then I got bright and I make the signs out as “ring bowls” for these. I get a lot fewer questions these days.

    And little bowls are my next favourite thing to beads and canes so I make a ton of bowls.