Upcoming Shows!

I just had a show at Tom Baines Jr High yesterday, in support of a local breast cancer patients group at Wings of Hope. The students who were the bulk of the organizing and fundraising committee were fabulous – there were jugglers, lots of student crafts and just generally a lot of creativity. This is my assistant (Hi Mom!) at my table / booth.

In the next few weeks there’s more of these coming! Next weekend I have a two day show. Raddison Heights / Albert Park (my community) is having a big craft fair / spring tea / garage sale event on April 19 and 20th from 10am to 6pm.

my earring rack!I get a week off before the next show, at Abbeydale Community. That one’s on May 3rd and runs till 3 pm.

Then, at the end of May, I have the Lilac Festival. This will be my first Really Big Show. The Festival is actually the 4th St. Street Fair (a community near the city center of Calgary) and it brings more than 50k people. Last year, I think they said more than 80k. It runs 10 blocks or more and for a show that size the fees for individual artisans are very modest. That runs 10-6 on Sunday, May 25.

Saturday June 14 is the Village Fair @ Village Square Leisure Centre. It runs from 11-3 and the one last year was great, not just as a seller but as a fair goer. There were food samples from the local communities, all sorts of dance groups, reduced rates on swimming and other activities and the attached library had programs as well.

All of these are in Calgary – I have one slightly out of town show coming up in the Fall but I’m not that brave yet!

3 Responses

  1. Hey Elaine, I didn’t realize you were in Calgary. I’m in Vancouver… Nice to meet another Canadian Polymer Clay nut!

    Really like the earring display. Great idea!

  2. Hi, love the bangle….lookes awesome, question for you, I am a newbie at polymer clay and was wondering, do I have to paint the clay? how do you get it to be so shiny?

    Open to any tips…Thanks