The Tooaquarius Store

It’s taken some doing and some testing and a bit of hair pulling but here it is, The Tooaquarius Shop. To start, I’m offering polymer clay canes, available singly or in sets. The beads are being added each day.

All of my canes are made using a combination of the old Fimos, Premo, Kato and Sculpey 3. Regular canes are approximately 12mm or 1/2″ diameter by 50mm or 2″ long. This first batch that I’ve uploaded has some sweet florals, bright spring colours and a few accent or novelty canes like butterflies and dragonflies. There are more than 40 flower canes alone!

My beads are made from the same clays as my canes, properly cured, and with 1.5mm(1/16″) holes unless otherwise indicated. The cane covered beads are available in several colour-related themes and are sanded and buffed to a nice sheen. If a waterbased acrylic finish is used on them, this is noted in the item’s description. Prices vary by quantity and size but a single millefiori round will be $2 CDN with sets having discounts (ex: buy 5 get 1 free).

The slice beads are smaller beads, slices off my own – or fellow artists – canes and perfect for charms, accents, sewing, fringe or quick fun projects like these earrings or this daisy chain set or these wine charms. They are available 25-50 cents each, in groups of 12-20 for $4-5 or bagged groups of 50. Most of these are tiny, 1/2″(12mm) or smaller with 1.5mm(1/16″) holes.