Year of Clay – Earring Stand

OK, so this one isn’t really clay but I had to scramble a bit because all I’ve made from clay this week are stacks of Natasha beads. I leave for a couple days of Easter break tomorrow and I had gotten the studio cleaned up.

The stand is based off a design in a sweet book called Beader’s Stash: Designs from America’s Favorite Bead Shops by Laura Levaas. I took the book out of the library in this weeks stack of books and it has other interesting, contemporary designs as well.

Wire Earring Stand

My stand is made from simpler stuff than the one in the book – plain black plastic coated copper wire. It currently sports my favourite pair of citrus slice earrings and a pair made by the amazing Sarah Shriver. I will probably make a few more of these in colours that match my booth setup better but this time, I found the 16 gauge black first!

One Response

  1. I like the idea of making your own wire earring stands – I was wishing I had done just that earlier this week when I was trying to figure out how to photograph my newest earrings.

    I have Sarah Shriver earrings that look very similar, but in shades of green and gold. I just love her look!