Year of Clay – A Slice of Spring

Unlike my neighbours to the south east, it’s been lovely here for weeks. The weather has been mild and springlike. After finishing off most of the stacks of canes for my spring stock I made mini canes up from the ends and pieces and turned those into my favourite slice beads!

So here’s what a slice of spring (canes) looks like:

polymer clay slice beads

You have to pretend the bits of drill dust are pollen k?

3 Responses

  1. it is pollen…..pollenmer clay pollen!! gads I crack myself up. those are like spring….which is here now here.

  2. Oh Kathi you are funny!

    Love the beads Elaine, very Springy! Being from Vancouver, BC it is also like Spring here now… Flowers blooming, birds chirping, all that! Need to make some ‘Spring beads’ myself, get in the spirit, so to speak. Those of you on the East coast, don’t worry… Spring is just around the corner for you!

    Cindy Lietz
    “I learned by making mistakes… Now you don’t have to.”