Making Lilac Canes

After my mad cane making rush I have a little lilac blend left. I also have a Lilac Festival in May. So, a little foolin’ around made a not bad lilac cane.

lilac polymer clay cane

This is the end slice after I started reducing the cane. The slice is about 2.75″ with the original cane being about 3.5″ tall. I took some of the picture notes from the process to make a sort of mini-tutorial on the cane!

First I made two simple canes – a very straightforward 4 petal lilac flower and a basic leaf cane.

Then, I reduced and cut up and combined the flower. The first combination made a 7 piece group.

I squished that into a tear drop shape, reduced it, cut it into 3 pieces and combined those to make the piece for the final cane. I reduced a segment of leaf into 3 pieces and shaped them into how I wanted, based off a photo from Google images. I used a lot of translucent pieces, mostly layered sheets, to build up the cane background.

Here are the three sizes I reduced to – the first cut at 2.75″, a second about 1.5 and a final around .75″.

lilac polymer clay cane

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  1. I just searched for lilac cane and was not surprised to find one on your page! Love it!!