2008 Kick Off with Thing a Day

Yup, I noticed that 2008 started a month ago. Lashes with wet noodles all ’round here at HQ. It’s not that I haven’t clayed, it’s just that I haven’t gotten organized at all. So in a bid to get my rear in gear, I set more ambitious goals – even if some were less than successful – and decided to concentrate on the move forward.

Towards THAT goal I signed up for the Thing-a-Day at www.thing-a-day.com – someone on the PCC boards mentioned it. I believe she’s one of the same people who got me trying the NaNoWriMo… a whole other story of insanity.

Anyways, the Thing-A-Day is brutally simple. You make something – anything really – a day and then (ah, the catch) post it to their site. For me, there’s an extra catch – I’m going to try for every one of those things to be clay related. Bonus points if I manage that! It runs the 29 days of February and then you all pass out. Or pat yourself on the back.