Goals: Win Some Lose Some

2007 was a lot of fun and a lot of frustration.

I met quite a few of my clay and craft goals! This was my best financial year for sales, in a row of best-ever years. Production was good – I made more beads than the 5k I planned. Somewhere close to twice as many, in fact. My technique improved and my overall finish quality went right up.

bead progressOn the negative side, I let my site slide because my online activities were severely curtailed for a few months. That means I didn’t finish 52 weeks of the Year of Clay in 52 weeks. Not that I’m intending to stop now anyways – I’d rather keep on at it and improve in 2008.

I’m still working on my lofty plans for 2008. At least some of that will be a new bead and cane-o-meter, over there in the sidebar. In a few months, the Claychicks will be back after their hiatus and sooner than that Tooaquarius will debut on Etsy as well. Phew! And that’s just a bit of it!

The plus side of making year in planning posts a month after everyone else – it’s not one of dozens!