Note Taking for Crafty Types – part 1

It’s funny. In school I was almost strictly a ‘its all up here’ type of student. I was lucky enough to coast by on my (lucky) memory a lot of the time.

Of course, where school couldn’t motivate me to become a proficient note taker work / art has. Sometimes I desperately want to remember what that colour I made was or what that flower cane had… 5 or 6 petals? I’ve written copious notes on colour so far, to share and to remind myself but the note taking on my projects is a little slower sometimes.

One easy way to keep a visual record – yes, Virginia, it counts as notes – is to keep your digital camera or scanner hanging near your work surface and to record as you go. Then upload the works to a freebie album software – I do love my Flickr – and consider yourself recorded. An added bonus, if you keep your images available to the public, is that your work is available for peer review and sharing.

polymer clay christmas pins snowmen

For example, these pins are one of the pics I just tossed up to Flickr. They’re a few of the small pieces I made this year and last, on some of my hangtags. They’re some of the stocking stuffers on my table and my daughter helps assemble them. The little snow guys are based on combos of Carolyn’s snowblobs and Heather Powers sweet little snowmen pendants. For an added treat, Heather blogged a whole weeks worth of clay ornaments!

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