Year of Clay – Monochromatic Bowls

This weekend was my final craft sale of the season and I have to say it did pretty well! The weather was nice, the show was upbeat and well organized and I am beginning to get the hang of the small booth setups. I made well into the Happy Range of 8-10x the booth fee and if the show comes back at the same weekend would happily give it another go, as it runs a little after most of the big clog of them.

monochromatic polymer clay bowlsIt brings me to my little bowls. I’m fascinated by vessels, particularly the mini ones and the little glass bowls that I cover and turn into decorative ring bowls or pill dishes or what not are often my most popular sellers. Last show, I ran out of them by lunch, except one cheerful bright coloured one. This show? I have the monochromatic ones left! The brightly coloured ones went fast.

Other shows I have had them trickle out one by one and the last few, people just scooped up several at a time.

It just goes to show that each show is a little different.