Year of Clay – Simple Earrings

There was a craft fair this weekend – small, local, spring craft fair. It wasn’t the venue for any of my pricier vessels (or anything, it turned out, but that is another story). So I pulled a few handfuls of beads from the tubs of them that live in the Land of Beads (aka. the second shelf in the craft pantry) and made things. At small shows I usually set out several baskets of beads and then a few dozen small jewelry items as samples of what you can make with them.

Here are some simple earrings, with the simplest of clay slice beads. Some are from Kathi’s lovely pacific northwest canes. The rest are from my instant bead canes.

polymer clay bead earrings

4 Responses

  1. love the earrings gf. the floral ones are so *spring like* and refreshing. I love the PNW earrings. You did a great job with the canes gf.

  2. The floral earring are delightful. I love the dimensions within the flowers. It takes them up a notch in sophistication. I like flowers but many of the canes tend towards looking a little cartoonish (not a real word), which isn’t really my look.
    I certainly would have bought yours.
    As for the other earrings I live in the Pacific North West and those canes are
    amazing. Nice work all around.
    Deb Groom

  3. Thanks Deb! Kathi Gose (who made the comment above) actually made the super PNW canes and was kinda enough to send me some!