2007 is my year for self-improvement. I picked up a few ambitious projects – such as my Year of Clay – and part of any project is marking off the milestones.

On the right hand side I made a simplistic little graphic for one of my goals: 5000 beads by the end of the year. I started with 1000 but I finished that by March! So i picked a bigger number.

I’m being generous – it doesn’t matter if it’s a meticulously sanded layered floral bead or a very simple slice bead. In this case, quantity and marking it off is what matters!

Some of my other clay related project-goals include 100 canes, another art doll, entering the PCC challenge, 5 craft shows, another 5 tutorials, 100 pieces of finished jewelry… dozens of things. It’s on a list above my desk and I take great joy in savagely crossing them off.

So, what are you claying towards?

3 Responses

  1. Pens and Hamsa’s up at Klews 😀 Time to use a couple of those canes I have hanging around. Next week…new canes.

  2. Super 😀 I made a few more items for my Saturday show from your canes – it’s a teeny tiny show but I imagine they will be popular because that sort of item is always popular here. I’ll scan in the earrings & keychains. I’m sticking with the simple presentation for it.

    And it’ll pop stuck in my nice subtle floral stuff.

  3. ooo I wanna see them 🙂 I have been using my canes for pens for my etsy store. thats what I did at the two day clay day at Klews. Now I just need to sand and buff em and get them photographed and on etsy 🙂