Year of Clay – Plant a Cane Garden

polymer clay canesValerie Hollis is a smart lady. On her site she has a project that I recommend for everyone who clays – actually, in some form for everyone, period. She calls it her cane garden.

I had started keeping slices from my canes before she published this page but mostly just out of habit – coming from a technical background, I’m a recorder and list keeper. I kept my old canes to see what worked, what didn’t. The physical slices live in a shoebox. My daughter plays with them. I scan them and add them to a folder by year before passing them over. The picture to the left is just a small sampling of a garden that’s been thriving the last 3 years.

Looking at it, I can see one of my first black and white canes and then one I did just this winter. Some canes from a 7 colour blend tutorial that Stargazer demo’d to us 2 years ago on PCC. A sample of what I made (the blue rose with no background) to show that yes, you could make good canes from the freshest Sculpey 3. An example of what to make from really awful canes (the bright red and yellow striped flower) where each stripe is a squished failed cane. Canes I made in response to challenges, to need, to requests.

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