10 ‘Green’ Tips for the Clay Crafter

In the spirit of International Earth Day – and because one of my goals for 2007 is to be a lot more ‘green’ – here’s a few tips for the environmentally friendly clayer:

  1. Batch your baking. Use less electricity, save energy AND money.
  2. Resist buying supplies you probably won’t use. I know, crafters HAVE to have the latest but if you stick to a list or budget it or plan it a little, you’ll save money AND all the packaging and shipping the company uses.
  3. Use printed one side papers. For notes, baking your clay on, and leaching your clay (make sure not to use the print side though!).
  4. Use clean, empty milk jugs or stiff plastic packaging for stencil and template making.
  5. Give old denim a new life by using it for making buffing wheels.
  6. Reuse attractive jars or chipped dishes as bases for clay projects.
  7. Reuse plastic bags as stuffing for your shipping.
  8. Recycle the old craft magazines and books or sell them to other enthusiasts.
  9. Give your old but sturdy beads and projects to your local school, daycare or other group that may use them. Declutter AND less garbage.
  10. Use the least harmful glues, paints and finishes you can. Dispose of remaining chemicals safely.

Reduce, reuse and recycle can be applied to a lot of crafty things I notice.