Year of Clay – Unclutter your Clay

Here I was, feeling a little blue, because I didn’t get to take as much as I wanted at the recent Michael’s sale on clay. Budget concerns and all that. Combine that with work being horridly behind and just a little overwhelming at this moment. And of course my desk looks like the universe collapsed on it… little blobs of clay EVERYWHERE.

Somewhere in the self-pity moment I started squishing the blobs. A while later – and serious muscle use – I have TONS of new clay.

10 pounds of scrap clay

OK not tons but 10 pounds. Seriously. It looks so much more usable now and my desk (and mental space) has a little more breathing room.


  1. Kathi says:

    I guess cleaning the desk was like finding the hidden treasure then eh? Looks like a nice stash of *new* clay. Now….get to work! 🙂

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