5 More Uses for Scrap Clay

Because the stuff keeps on piling up… Here’s 5 more uses for scrap clay to build on my first 5 Uses for Scrap Clay:

  • Molds – made a face cab you like? a heart? mold it and be able to repeat the pretty! Or make texture plates / shallow molds like Ponsawan did here and then use those to make some of her bubble beads!
  • Larger projects – sometimes a piece needs a little more to it than beads. Scrap makes excellent bulk, especially when you’re unsure of how well your bulky project will go. Paint or cover it with pretty colours like scrap dragons or my orangina vase.
  • Prototypes – before commiting the time and resources to a new line, prototype it. This is a good place for whatever scrap you’ve got that is single colour. Good to use for prototype, fewer tears if it craters, not too hideous if it works.
  • Reducing canes – instead of letting your cane ends distort crazily, add a plug of scrap to each end of the cane and reduce as you normally would. The distortion will be most concentrated in your scrap clay and you can cut that off without pain.
  • Tools – form your clay into small tools. One friend made herself a small ‘holder’ to hold her lentil beads upright for photographs. Desiree (the queen of clay experimentation) built her own bead roller from scrap clay.

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