1 Ounce

In the interests of full disclosure – I make and sell canes. I also use other peoples canes in my work even though I make quite good canes.

I think a lot people don’t realize just how much you can get out of one small sample of cane – I’ve picked one ounce or 30ish grams.

I mostly make two types of canes – canes with translucent backgrounds, used to layer over a base, often on beads and canes that are meant to be sliced like cookies and used as slices, for buttons, beads or scrapbook parts.

Here is a photograph of 1 ounce of translucent canes(that’s one half pack of clay):

one ounce cane

There is a fair amount of ‘basic’ canes – leaves and flowers – and a much smaller amount of ‘fancy’ canes – a face and a monarch butterfly(by my friend C.A.Therien).

I took 1oz (half a pack) of black premo and made 24 small bead bases and 2 slightly larger ones. Then I sliced my canes very thinly and applied. There was enough leftover in bad slices and cane ends to make a swirly scrap bead. And the rounds have very dense coverage. All the beads are 1/2″ or larger.

lots of beads from one ounce

The other type of cane is a slice n’ bake one: each thicker slice becomes a button, scrapbook element or a bead in itself. 1oz of half inch diameter round cane is a 7 1/2″ cane.

one ounce cane

Sliced into 1/4″ thick beads, you get 30 beads. A square cane, 1oz., with a 1/2″ diameter is 6″ long. It makes 24 beads.



  1. Vicky Edwards says:

    I love your mind, Elaine. And as always, your canes are georgeous. I bet you don’t have much waste? or am I wrong. Your PCC Forum buddy, Vicky

  2. Cathy Rose says:

    OMG, I just happened upon this amazing site….. Elaine, you are amazing! I ADORE the math LOL… and your beads are exquisite!

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