Year of Clay – Process

This week wasn’t a Make Finished (or even Unfinished) Objects week sort of week. It was the process of picking, blending, and making my canes for late winter / spring. The rose garden part is planted as I love to make rose canes. I’ve started with some tulips and crocus and windflowers are to follow.

spring canes roses

Part of my process is also to make samples as I go to see what the canes look like – on beads, on surfaces. So here are 8 of the roses, by colour pair, on black and white base beads.

bead pairs


  1. Vicky Edwards says:

    Elaine, you make absolutely beautiful canes, and thus, beads. I love looking at your site. Vicky

  2. illaya says:

    Elaine; As always way yummy canes. I especially love the color choices, so sweet and soft. Makes me feel girly all over again. Great work.

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