Community Makes Me Smile

While thumbing through my visitor logs I noticed that I had been linked to from Susan Rose’s excellent Polymer Clay Notes. Susan is a frequent contributor / sleuth to Cynthia Tinapple’s polymer clay community blog at

What made me grin was that Susan had linked to my Math related posts. My clay buddies are frequently teasing me that I am the groups pet geek and I guess it’s gotta be true! For me, there’s some math in just about everything I do from my clay to my design work and it’s all beautiful! Colours and nature are linked inextricably with numbers in so many ways. And I hated algebra and trig, too.

Other people out in the blogosphere and forum-land (which my software notes differently than just standard referers) include Naama from Israel. Her lovely, colourful, work has certainly been an inspiration on some of my more recent items!

And for complete crafty submersion you cannot beat the Polyclay-holics on’s Delphi forums, the enthusiastic and chic folks at (with it’s own clay boards now!) and Livejournal’s prolific Craftgrrls.