Christmas Beads… I mean ornaments

I think the reason I had so much fun with these was because they are pretty much just big beads for your Christmas tree.

christmas ornaments floral polymer clay

Whatever the case, I made a few dozen Christmas ornaments for my shows this season and the fact that most are covered in bright, springy flowers didn’t seem to turn anyone off. The floral motifs combined nicely with the more traditional Christmas motifs and everyone was happy.

The site goes ‘winter’ today – which is basically, I’m going to whip up a new top banner  – and here’s hoping that you’re all bundling up if you’re local!

4 Responses

  1. Okay, okay… I added a nose. Nice little orange nose.

    Terry commented there should be a top hat and mitts but I have to draw the line somewhere…

  2. Hi Janet!

    Those are some clay covered ornaments I did years ago. You can buy some of my current batch but I would recommend some closer, American, vendors since the postage from here in Canada would be high for delicate items like this.