Lucky Find

One of my guilty pleasures is wandering the aisles of the local Dollarama – a loonie store here where the $1 is the loonie coin (i’m not kidding) – and finding Cool Craft Items I Don’t Need.

So off I went to see what odds and ends there were and I found this:

beadmaking tools

The package says it is a 7 piece polymer clay beadmaking kit. It costs $1. I nabbed a few off the shelf but honestly I’m thrilled. I don’t even get the fine *tissue* blades for less than that let alone a reasonable needle tool and two diameters of mandrels. There’s a stencil to use to cut out wrap beads with, a sponge to keep your cured beads from running away and a bit of sandpaper. The only questionable item is the sandpaper which is far too rough for the majority of clay work.

beadmaking kit

You could make an awesome kit with this, a ceramic tile from the hardware store and a small stack of clay packs from Michaels which conveniently has them on sale this week. I know that this same dollar store occasionally has ready made clay canes as well.


  1. Elaine says:

    I’m in Calgary, Canada but an American friend tells me that she’s seen the same sets in Michaels and various other stores like dollar stores.

  2. kirastorm says:

    omg. i just moved away from dollarama (i recognized the brand)and i’ve been looking everywhere for a kit like that. i’ll have to get my mom to grab me one.

    don’t dollaramas have awesome crafty sections?

  3. Vicky Edwards says:

    Hi Elaine, it’s Vicky from the PCC forum. I have long admired your work. The winter flower cane was beautiful. I bought a kit that seems to be the same as yours, just different package. I bought it at Michaels with a lot of other things, and can’t recall the price, but it certaintly wasn’t a dollar. I wish we had a store like that. We have Dollar Tree and they do have some good craft things, but they’re heavy on scrapbooking. Would love to find some clay items there. You’re lucky that youg got it. Vicky

  4. sandie says:

    hey elaine. i just bought one of these kits at michaels…not cheep…i love your blue delft work. thats gorgeous. sandie

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