Display Ideas – Ikea to the Rescue Part I

Whoever sells their artwork occasionally has to worry about how to display it. Since I primarily sell at small, local shows my displays are what I can make, use and afford – in other words creativity is key.Currently, my booth needs a bit of height interest and variety. At a relatively slow show a few weeks ago, I had oodles of time to stare at the display of a booth close by. Elegant and calm, it wasn’t overkill for the small show and the pieces were showcased rather than overwhelmed. When I got home I realized I probably had the pieces she’d been using for her risers!

Meet the Fira series at Ikea:

Ikea Fira boxes

My set of boxes isn’t quite the same – an older model, I guess – but is the same unfinished pine look(under the craft paint).

ikea boxes

ikea boxes

While my items here are painted black – the colour I had the boxes already, where they were used in my cupboard – you can obviously colour it however you want. Take the chest of boxes apart to make your riser blocks.

Arrange your box parts however you want. Here’s one simple idea. When you’re done simply reassemble the chest. The parts are sturdy and not going to blow away. You could even use this to cart items to and from shows and to hold them at home.

My displays are more wood and linen colours and I’ll need to refinish or buy new boxes for myself but I don’t mind – I love my Ikea!

2 Responses

  1. So cool, Elaine!! You are smart to pick up on this great idea – I wish I’d seen this before my show instead of a few days after it. Thanks for sharing your ideas. – Jackie