Polymer Clay Projects Pronto

For a lot of crafters the fall is a time where we make a great deal of our work. Some is given as gifts for the holiday season. Some is sold in various craft sales. The other day had me brainstorming with a friend about ideas that were simple and fast to make and yet still appealing. Items that would fill in the space around more complicated or time intesive efforts.

Of course, how fast these all go depends on what tools you have on hand and what finish work you do on each. If you don’t want to be sanding and meticulously buffing each piece, work as smooth as you can – use your pasta machine to flatten sheets and wear gloves while working on the pieces. These projects also lean towards cane related ideas because that’s what I’m familiar with so far. Speedy sculptural / figurative suggestions are welcome!

From Cane Slices:

  • Beads: simple slices for wine glass charms, fringe trims on book thongs or even fast fashion jewelry
  • Buttons: sink shanks into thick slices or add button holes
  • Scrapbooking elements: ldabs of adhesive will turn sweet citrus or ‘candy’ cane slices into adorable dimensional elements
  • Magnets: adhere strong magnets to baked cane slices
  • Game Pieces: Tic Tac Toe, poker chips, boardgame markers
  • Art Dolls: use face canes to make simple face cabs for art dolls or art cards

From Decorated Sheets:

  • Bookmarks, gift tags or bookplates: a cutter or pattern shape helps with this.
  • Decorated stick pens, such as Bic Stics: a single large sheet, at a middle thickness, can cover several inexpensive pens. Carefully cover the pen to minimize cut lines and fingerprints.
  • Artist Trading Cards: Playing or trading card sized segments of clay, meant to be exchanged between artists, often done in sets
  • Marble Magnets: place a small section of clay under a decorator marble, surround the join with extra clay if desired, bake, super glue a strong magnet to the reverse
  • Cuff Bracelets or Barrettes: use sheets to cover good quality cuff or barrette findings
  • Coasters: use a protective varnish over an attractive coaster
  • Covering ornaments or votives: trim / dart the sheet to cover vessels
  • Switchplates & Outlet covers

From thicker decorated sheets:

  • Tile beads using shapelets or cutters, drill after baking
  • Fridge magnets, in similar shapes, sold as sets
  • Pendants for stringing on neckwires or rubber cordage, using shapelets or cutters
  • Record bowls: Lehman style, draped over oven safe dishes as formers or as coin dishes
  • Wish jars
  • Buttons

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