Flip Flop Beads

Not surprisingly I made beads from my new corn cockle cane. Today I wired up some of the flip flop style ones into a bracelet.

polymer clay flip flop bead bracelet

polymer clay flip flop bead assemblyNot satisfied with stringing and glueing my fingers together I had to try for a wire only solution to my flip flop bracelet.

The uppers are cooked, wired with the bead strap and then twisted underneath to make the outgoing loop. A raw, slightly textured sole is applied over this and voila! Beads.

The earrings are simpler, instead of a length of wire coming out the heel of the shoe, just cut the bead string part short, flatten and lay the sole over. I used a little TLS to help glue the raw sole to the cooked top


  1. Georgina says:

    I have spent a good hour or two going through you sight and I have been so inspired. I have just started doing cane and have found that I have had a lot of waste. You mentioned that you had the same problem. I was wondering how you solved this problem. Thank you for the good read.

  2. Denise says:

    These are really cute. You make some really gorgeous beads.

    I have also just spent quite a bit of time reading through your tutorials. You’ve done a really good job. I especially enjoyed the tute showing how to map your own canes. It will be a while before I try that (I am still trying out all of the “basics”.) But at least I know how, now. I can also utilize your “how much clay” tute. Thanks for sharing some great information and showing your lovely beads!

  3. Denise says:

    One more thing. Your butterflies are spectacular! I wish I knew how to make those–I have never come across a tutorial. I suppose I could use your mapping tute. I guess I’m just being lazy, wanting someone to tell me exactly what I need to do to make a cane like your gorgeous blue butterfly! But what I need to do is practice and get better at the other canes, then I will try to figure out your “beauties.”

    Anyway, thanks again!

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