When I’m asked what should I use for my flower cane I always say well, whatever simple cane you’d like. What I use most though, for my realistic floral canes, is a simple marbled log of natural colours or a lace cane of the same colours. Premo’s Cadmium Yellow and Burnt Umber work well for this. I actually make a few of these in different shades and keep them on hand to use as I do cane making runs. You need a very small amount of center for a given cane so this recipe would make centers for a LOT of canes.
You need:

  • a blade
  • a way to make flat sheets
  • 1 & 1/2oz respectively of two natural tones of clay such as brown, gold, ecru, white, grey, black.


Form a 2″ log from your main colour. Make two sheets, one of the second colour, one of the main colour, 2 inches long and wide enough to go around your log.

flower center flower center

Wrap your log first in the second colour then in the second sheet of colour.

Reduce your log into lots of different diameters about 2″ long. Vary the sizes a lot.

flower center flower center

Gather the logs up into a bunch to form a roughly circular cane. If desired, wrap the overall log with one of the colours. Reduce this and repeat if you need more complexity.

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