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Dog Days of Summer

Making Christmas ornaments in my studio. Seems crazy with the sun and summer heat.

I’m a lucky crafty type with a great big studio tucked into the back of my very own shop full of handmade goodies. It’s a good building, old and industrial, in big bricks and concrete with old cedar beams for the ceiling. In it’s previous lives, it was a car shop and then a lawn and garden outlet. There’s a garage bay next door where my partner does electrical and automotive related things. And in the summer it gets awfully danged warm in here.

Since it’s not usually that warm here for any amount of time – Canadian stereotypes and all – this doesn’t bother me much and we’ll add air conditioning to this side of the building at some point. It just means the clay is softer and the room is a little warm and dozy by the afternoon. It seems odd to be building Christmas ornaments with the sun blazing in and fans going everywhere. Definitely the dog days of summer.

Of course, in the winter, the place is cold and cranky but we replaced the furnace last year with a much better one and it’s pretty easy to toss a sweater on.

What Do You Grow?


I’m a budding green thumb. I’ve had potted plants and container gardens for my whole adulthood and flowers and a few veggies in containers and beds since I moved to a house.

This year I got a little more serious and planted LOTS of vegetables and pruned back the weeds and perennials in the other beds. And dug. And dug. And dug. Mostly the end result has been rocks but the summer is young (first day in fact!). I hope for the makings of sauces and salsas, mostly.

Next year I’ll try a few more veggies.

What Have You Been Up To?

Flower Dangle Bracelet

Sometimes I look up and time has flown by. Spring finally landed and I’ve been spending a little more time digging around outside. Each year since I’ve moved I’ve tried to work a little more on the gardening and growing stuff thing. I picked up a pottery class to finally try throwing pots on a wheel. Tonight is the night we glaze everything so I will have pieces to take pictures of soon! I told people that everyone gets lop-sided bowls and cups for gifts this year.

Cherry Blossom Necklace

I’ve been topping up my stash of goodies for my show in Calgary this weekend – the Lilac Festival! I’ll be in my same booth, at the east corner of 14th ave and 4th street. This will be my fifth year doing the show. They’re calling for rain so think happy sunny thoughts for me please! Or at least, very little rain and mostly sunny happy thoughts.

Sunshine Pillow Bead Bracelet

After the show I am firming up my summer plans: the Windscape Kite Festival, selling at the Frontier Days, setting the kid up as my assistant and hopefully enjoying the whole summer thing. The fall has already turned into this list of busy-ness to get ready for and yet something about summer always seems to make it seem a little slower and mellower. I guess that’s probably the biggest proof that I am not a farmer. That and the fact that I asked which way to plant the garlic and onions…