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The Studio Carries On

For the last 5 or so years I’ve had my studio in the back half of my gift shop, Field and Fable. It lets me keep an eye on the shop and help my building mates. My studio is the old parts room from a small engine shop and it’s sort of perfect as a studio. We own the building I mostly love it to pieces. I’ve made great beads and canes and clay things and classes here.

The current COVID-19 pandemic means my gift shop is shuttered and the other businesses in the building are mostly closed for the time being. Everyone is working so hard to flatten the curve and stop the spread here. Since I’m still getting occasional online orders, I come in and pack and ship a few times a week. I’m cautious about moving it all back to the house because my two cats are much more active than the elderly one that we had when I first worked from my home studio. And, it’s our building so we pretty much can avoid humans there, too.

I’ve been making some pretty good stuff without the regular interruptions that an open shop has. Not that open shops are bad at all, it’s just practical to get used to what will be some long term changes. For a special customer request I made these Hawaiian bird beads – a goose and a honeycreeper – that turned out just great.

About the studio shot – when I took over the parts room, everything got several more coats of white paint. The counter I use as a bench got everything taken off it so I could sterilize it all properly back at the start and since it mostly holds items for customers, I’m keeping those in storage so I don’t have to keep cleaning them off. On the plastic table in the foreground are some bags of lettuce and herbs from the little aerogardens I have going in the corner of the studio. Part of the charm of having a big drafty old garage is that it can get used for anything and I don’t feel bad about making a mess.

Work From Home

A few weeks ago COVID-19 kind of threw everyone’s plans and lives into the air. I’m a lucky little creative type in that I have space at home to work in and a studio space to work in ooutside of that. While I’ve curtailed my time in the studio, which shares space with a still open essential business, I’ve started working from home a lot more.

Per a popular series of memes, my cats are my furry coworkers and they are by turns charming and frustrating. Like my regular coworkers. This is my calico Ro making friends with my seedlings. And by friends I mean eating them.

How are your coworkers?

This Week Has Been a Really Long Year

covid19 social distancing

Somewhere between my optimistic event update for the spring shows coming up and now, March 22nd, the world changed a lot. What had been a crisis happening elsewhere became a crisis is happening right here, at home. The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in the cancellation of or probable cancellation of all my spring and summer shows. The fact that the best thing to do to slow the pandemic – #flattenthecurve as it were – is to stay home, practice social distancing, and hunker down also means that sales in general are going to slow down as the economy does.

Like most small business owners – I run a physical shop in my small town as well as my online clay thing – who have non-essential businesses I’ve closed my doors for the duration. I’ll make my work and the work my shop represents available online. If you have the chance in the coming months please do buy a gift or a craft or a bit of art from other artists online. And chat with us online! Like our art, cheer us on, watch our videos. In self-isolation the work product of artists – musicians, actors, authors, visual artists, art educators – will be so important to keep people connected.