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Caturday: Ro and the Glass of Water

Our calico, Ro, was a stray kitten when we adopted her from the alley outside our shop. She’s always been much more flexible about what constitutes food than our other cat who was never anything but a house pet. This also means she wants to check what we eat and drink to make sure she’s not missing out. It’s a bad cat habit and we try not to leave stuff out for her to play with.

My bad habit is leaving random glasses of water around the house. This leads to one of my early kitten pictures of Ro trying to get a drink out of one. And today’s amusing 15 months later version. She’s much taller and smarter about it these days.

The Black Cat Project

We adopted Seven to keep our new calico, Ro, company. She had great big bat ears and outsized puppy dog temperament. She grew into the ears but she’s still pretty much the puppy dog of cats: friendly, likes most everyone, fetches, does tricks. One of her favourite places is right in front of the heat register. Since the kitten picture she utterly destroyed the wood grate (and will feed cat toys into the chute).

Starting to Look a Lot Like Christmas

The cold and snow arrived this week so we will get the appropriately wintry Christmas scene here. And, because I’m an enthusiastic cat mom we decorated the cats briefly. We caved and bought a jingle collar at a craft fair (from Jenny’s Bows and Meows). The cat that I thought would have a fit did not. The one that I thought would sit quietly in traumatized silence was a Nope. Go figure.

Merry Christmas from all of us!

ps. Jenny’s Bows and Meows does shows and farmers markets all over Saskatchewan. This is Seven, the day we adopted her, destroying one of Jenny’s toys.