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This Week Has Been a Really Long Year

covid19 social distancing

Somewhere between my optimistic event update for the spring shows coming up and now, March 22nd, the world changed a lot. What had been a crisis happening elsewhere became a crisis is happening right here, at home. The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in the cancellation of or probable cancellation of all my spring and summer shows. The fact that the best thing to do to slow the pandemic – #flattenthecurve as it were – is to stay home, practice social distancing, and hunker down also means that sales in general are going to slow down as the economy does.

Like most small business owners – I run a physical shop in my small town as well as my online clay thing – who have non-essential businesses I’ve closed my doors for the duration. I’ll make my work and the work my shop represents available online. If you have the chance in the coming months please do buy a gift or a craft or a bit of art from other artists online. And chat with us online! Like our art, cheer us on, watch our videos. In self-isolation the work product of artists – musicians, actors, authors, visual artists, art educators – will be so important to keep people connected.

Shows and Events for Spring 2020

In an effort to add more shows but also to spread it through the year a bit – otherwise my fall season gets… ugly – I picked up the Regina leg of the hugely fun Sask Expo. And I signed up as a non vendor for the Maker Faire in Saskatoon. That brings me to:

I try to keep my calendar page kind of updated so you can check there to see what else I’ve gotten myself into!

Etsy Made in Canada 2019

My Etsy team is holding our Etsy Made in Canada events again, this Saturday, in Saskatoon and Regina. This year I’ll be joining the Regina leg of the show (deets in the picture above!) along with 30 other teamies. It should be a pretty awesome day with lots of great, handmade art and craft. Erin Pell, our team captain, will be orchestrating / masterminding the Saskatoon leg of the show.

You can see vendor profiles and details and get questions answered at the Facebook pages for each event: