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Do You Copy?

The headline is shamelessly misleading. Away from the polymer clay and crafting world I try to work on other skills. Sometimes my crafty life seeps into everything but sometimes I tackle a whole new project. That would be the amateur radio thing.

My partner got his ham radio license a few years ago and spends time with the local club as well as teaching youth about it at yearly events. I finally decided to catch up and get one too. This involves reading through the handbook and taking a multiple choice exam. In my case, I’m lucky in that there’s a local instructor to help march us through the material and also demonstrate some of the more practical parts.

Ham or amateur radio is the non-commercial use of radio frequencies for everything from news to search and rescue to social interaction. Radio is still a super important part of communications as it’s used where more current tech can’t reach or where it would be prohibitively expensive. I live in semi-rural Canada where there is broadband internet… sort of. There just isn’t the population base here for commercial installers to wire up the larger parts of empty prairie and foothills for real coverage.

Wish me luck! In a few weeks I’ll be VA5 or VE5 something if you happen to be a ham.

Seven the Black Cat

If you ever wondered why there were so many black cats, I found out that black cats are the patterning result of a mixed bag of genetics. In Seven’s case, her mum is a Siamese and the father one of the local toms. Seven is blessed with the friendly, yowly temperament of our previous Siamese cat and in our house she’s the Alpha cat. She gets first choice of all boxes and would, if she could, sit in all of them at once.

The Grand Experiment

Maker Faire YYC 2017

Nothing ominous. Just stepping up the internet presence for the collection of web sites that I am responsible for. On Tooaquarius, that’ll probably mean a lot more consistent social media and blogging. I even snagged some journal prompts to mix in.

On my partner’s site, that’ll mean more videos. On my brick and mortar shop’s site, that means tying the website shopping cart and the till software together and working the mail order part more. There’s a few other sites I’m involved with, in some fashion and they’re all going to get a little bit of a switch up.

Why? We have an experiment with all of these little online businesses and we want to see what the results of focusing on it bring. Sometimes my science background creeps in.

Wish us luck!