Author: Elaine

Sundog Handcraft Faire

This is where I’ll be this weekend! If you’re anywhere near Saskatoon, you should be too. There’s a great variety of artists and it’s a well run and well attended show.

If you’d like a little more information about Sundog, their website has all the goods.

And, if for some reason, you’re NOT in Saskatoon on the weekend, my Etsy team has a show in Regina. You can look here for all the details about that bit of awesome.

The Grand Experiment

Maker Faire YYC 2017

Nothing ominous. Just stepping up the internet presence for the collection of web sites that I am responsible for. On Tooaquarius, that’ll probably mean a lot more consistent social media and blogging. I even snagged some journal prompts to mix in.

On my partner’s site, that’ll mean more videos. On my brick and mortar shop’s site, that means tying the website shopping cart and the till software together and working the mail order part more. There’s a few other sites I’m involved with, in some fashion and they’re all going to get a little bit of a switch up.

Why? We have an experiment with all of these little online businesses and we want to see what the results of focusing on it bring. Sometimes my science background creeps in.

Wish us luck!

Show Crazy

craft fair swift current

I’m only doing a hand full of shows this year but this weekend will be the big one. The studio is a busy little place right now as I madly try to finish all those pieces I optimistically planned back in the summer. I’m pretty sure most of us end up in this situation.

The result, of course, is what I call show craziness. It’s less bad than it used to be because with the physical shop I’m always being goosed to make items – it’s basically a low key show all year round – but I feel it creeping up a notch in the fall as everything else piles in for that season.

Do you get a case of the show crazies in the fall? Or is your busy season the spring run?