Author: Elaine

The Spring Made in Canada Show – Part 1

This Saturday will be our Etsy Saskatchewan teams first Spring Made in Canada show. Part 1 is in Regina, at the University. Next Saturday will be in Saskatoon at Station 20 West, a great community use building.

Check out our Facebook event page for all the details. We’ll even have Etsy gift card giveaways for folks to use at the show. There are demos – I’ll be demo-ing little clay creatures at my booth – and free workshops to attend.

Caturday: Cats and Renos

We’re currently in the second weekend of doing a kitchen renovation. Last week there was a mix of old cabinets and new pieces in my kitchen and the cats were a little confused and stressed out. They dutifully took advantage of the situation though.The braver of our cats wore herself out climbing in and out of every box, shelf, wrapping paper, and nook. Chasing every dropped screw and discovered toy. Slinking into every uncovered vent and duct she could find. Good thing cats have a few extra lives and a lot of luck.

After a cursory inspection, the less brave of our cats went back to the quiet bedroom and hid.